Did you know God also gives financial success? Even to students like me who already have awesome parental support? Yes He does.

The jobs have been falling into my lap.

P1010683I did some filming with My Australia last year which earned me enough to cover my Summer Course, and over the holidays we were kidding at home that I just had to look for a few more opportunities like that and I would have no short term financial worry anymore.

Usually, on the show, people do 1-2 stories. They paid me for 4 stories…the last one took place in Feb, right after I told my parents I didn’t think I’d get any more. I went for a VIP Panda Tour at the Adelaide Zoo! 🙂

And this month, we are going on a picnic again to wrap up the season! My mother shook her head and said, you get paid so much to go to a picnic, this kind of job I also want. Haha mummy that job is only for me!

And let me tell you why God has been so good to me: I made a decision to honour Him with my time and money.

I’ve always understood ‘financial burden’ because of my (grand)parents’ background. We are workaholics ;). I know the value of working hard and earning money – you reap what you sow. I’ve always been careful with spending, I’m way more generous with others than don’t have than with myself, and I’ve always tried to work as much as possible. I worked on tedious SEO writing my entire summer hols because I felt I couldn’t justify holidaying away while my parents slogged it off.

Then, this January, someone prayed for me, looked at me and said, God says don’t worry about money. He knows you haven’t been overly worried such that you’d stopped being generous, but He is just saying, don’t worry.

I don’t simply receive and believe any word people give me but I knew this was from God.

And so I really did stop worrying. I decided to quit all my writing jobs that was sucking life out of me. Back in Australia the financial concerns crept back and I was really close to start hunting again, but I metaphorically shouted at myself and said NOPE. I AM NOT GOING TO DEVOTE MY LIFE TO CHASING AFTER WORK. My last semester is going to be free, I am going to enjoy uni life – God tells me I need to enjoy life more! – and I am going to serve God and love people.

The very minute I said that, an sms came in from a friend who had previously rejected my casual job application because I couldn’t attend the interview. He asked me if I wanted to fill in for a day. I almost laughed…A week later, I got the email about the picnic job. I am really paid a lot to go on a picnic! Haha!

Secondly, I’ve also decided to change the way I spend. Back in my first year, I led such a poor lifestyle. I carried my toiletries around in a plastic bag and my aunt asked me, why do you do that? I said I wanted to save money, and she said no, you have to raise your standards if you want people to respect you. I observed people around me and I learnt: no one likes receiving cheap presents that cost nothing. No one likes eating tasteless leftover food although I find a twisted satisfaction from that – I still do. I learnt from people who lavished love on me, and learnt that I can’t expect them to be like me. I need to meet people at their level. I need to give people what THEY like, not what I like.

And slowly, I changed. I bought myself better clothes. I dressed better. I loved myself more – which allowed me to love others more. You can hardly make these changes if you don’t come to terms with the pain – if you are not willing to see your situation with honest eyes. And once you learn that God accepts you in your pathetic situation, you find the love and grace to change…and live out your beauty. 🙂 You bless the world with it!

The better a steward you become, the MORE God can trust you with!