Introducing How to Mentor as a short new series on what I’ve learnt in the past 7 years about mentoring/discipling people to follow Jesus, although it can be applied to other areas too. They are a combination of good things I’ve learnt from my mentors and lessons learnt through mistakes I’ve made in mentoring.

I’m making a real effort to shorten my writings, so the up-and-coming posts are:

1. Mentoring is A Way of Life, Not Scheduled Meetings. It is An Outflow of Love.

2. You Are Not ‘Doing Your Mentee A Favour’ When You Mentor – you are obeying the Great Commission.

3. Mentoring is More Than Caring/Friendship. It is Imparting and Speaking Hard Truths with Love.

4. You Are Not Superior. You Can Learn from Your Mentees.

5. You Will Not Succeed In Teaching What You Have Not Learnt.

Meanwhile, one thing to think about: do you have a mentor (at work, school, in your life)? Do you think it’s important to have one? Are you a mentor to someone else – is anybody learning anything from you?

If you are a follower of Jesus, Jesus has called you to make disciples of all nations. You are called to be a mentor :).