It feels like winter when I wake up at 5.30am and walk to the radio station.

My stomach is already in knots after my teammate – the poor girl slept two hours the entire night on the bathroom floor after a bad bout of vommiting – tells me at 1.00am she won’t make it today.

I eat a huge Mars Bar as I walk just to stop myself from freezing over.

If cafes would open at 5.30am and sell hot chocolate I’d by them for 20 bucks. OK maybe not $20. But surely a hot choc at 5.30am is worth $10.

At work it is me against the clock. The 3-person team is down to 2. I quickly decide our stories and assign some to my other teammate before heading off to figure out how to record grabs. I’m doing grabs for the first time – but at this stage my only aim is to get that five-minute bulletin out. I run out of time and almost have no option of picking what goes in anymore. I start lifting stuff off the wires – stuff I would normally bin. I grimace at the bad bulletin.

In the end things work out reasonably fine. Panelling turned out to be less complicated than I expected. The softwares were easy to use.

Adrenalin fed me but I probably also used up all the energy from my Mars Bar. : )