Hey folks, I’m going to take another short break from blogging for a week or so. No more mentoring advice until next week :).

I find it helps to retreat from time to time – sometimes it gets a bit hard writing all these instructional posts – it really turns the pressure on because all of a sudden I have to walk in more integrity, I have to consider whether I’m walking the talk or really just throwing empty advice out there. I have to pay so much more attention to what I’m saying – to think about whether it is misleading, or biased, or inaccurate. Oh how I sweat because I haven’t trained myself to consider things as carefully as I would’ve liked…yet. And how I cringe when suddenly I feel I am open to so much more scrutiny.

I guess I’m still testing the waters to see if I’m ready to do all this and trying to find my level.

The past week has been stressful. It was challenging managing people as news producer –I had not realized bringing the best out of people (of a culture I do not truly understand) and getting the job done on time required such a high degree of finesse, and things were especially difficult because I was using all these software for the first time. Sourcing for stories, recording and editing all the grabs, writing 6 stories within the hour, lining up the bulletin, and just getting on top of every aspect felt as hard as preparing for that National Chinese Debate 6 years ago – I felt like throwing up when I didn’t have my 8 minute speeches (for both prop and opp) ready at breakfast even after staying up all night. At 16 I didn’t even truly understand the debate topic – it was something about the importance of human resources vs. foreign investment. My speeches were so superficial.

I felt like I was setting myself up to be rolled over by my opponent’s bullet train speeches, only equipped to respond with a 20 km/h broken down car. It didn’t matter that we won in the end and I was awarded best speaker, the fear beforehand was just unbearable.

At the end of every shift last week, I tried to work out new strategies in allocating the workload. I realized I got most frustrated when faced with attitudes that were content with mediocrity. Even for weather, I simply cannot allow an announcement to go out in my news bulletin with weather that was updated 15 minutes ago. It’s just not acceptable, even if the weather is inaccurate by a one degree margin. News needs to be accurate – if I can’t get fairness and balance right in a short time, at the very least I have to strive to get accuracy right.

I was really happy to see us become a more cohesive team by the end of the week, and was really proud to be able to play a part in Community Radio’s Digital Launch in Adelaide last Friday. It was a significant milestone for Community Radio as getting the funding to make digital radio possible has taken extensive technical, legal, commercial and political legwork over the years. I got a grab with Deputy Premier John Rau with a flash mic but we were caught in traffic in our race back to the studio and it didn’t make it to air. We were so close it was a little disappointing but the race was definitely much more rewarding than watching a thriller!

I hope the day will come when Community Radio will be embraced in Malaysia – giving voice to voices that will never be heard elsewhere.


In closing…I finally made cookie cutter cookies after ordering the molds (they are on my wishlist…I fall in love with cute shapes) on ebay! 🙂 Yay!  And on the right, a snapshot from my latest favourite op shop: Irving Baby on Twin Street. ❤