I was doing an Advertising assignment early this year analyzing the big cork bottle above (part of Our Work Of Art campaign) and I discovered Australia’s fascination with Big Things.

I immediately wanted to see and visit all the other big things. I wrote it down in the list of ‘Things I Want to Do Before I Go Back’. And since most of the other Big Things were so far away, I only wrote down to see 2 big things.

The Giant Rocking Horse in Adelaide, I knew I could get to by bus. But other than that, I could really just look at my bank account, rethink my wish, and…wish! Haha.

I mean, where else in the world are people crazy enough to build a big poo as a form of protest against sewage issues? And then you’ve got the Big Banana, and the Giant Worm, and the Big Pie, and AH it just really fascinates me. It blows my mind that people will actually spend money and effort to build all these structures. It’s like a real generous and lavish form of humour, if you wish.

So you must imagine how excited I was when I unexpectedly got to see two big things last weekend! We drove 12 hours to Phillip Island, and I got to see the Big Koala and the Big Tap in Cowes. 😀

It’s a funny kind of funny, these big things.