Today I received a pot of flowers from Trang, thanking me for my hard work for the Mother’s Day celebration at church! It might just be a pot of leftover decoration flowers, but to me, little gestures like these put a smile on my face, especially after a hard week.

I also baked a cake for RIkka’s birthday yesterday and spent the night at her house where she cooked me my first healthy meal in a week.

Sometimes in my loneliness when I see that so many people care for me, I am floored. And since we’re talking about birthdays and flowers…I’m just remembering…

The most memorable birthday party I attended was not that of a close friend.

At that time, Sharon was, to me, more of a big sister I saw once a year than anything else.

But she invited me, and that birthday party was so special it changed how I viewed life. It didn’t matter that I had to go early to help prepare the food, it was the sheer love flowing out of the way Sharon celebrated her birthday that touched me.

She bought each and every girl at the party a rose. I clearly remember what she said after thanking us for sharing life with her:

All of you girls here, your lives are like roses. You are beautiful! But like a rose, you only have one chance to bloom — cherish it, and bloom fully! Life goes by in a blink…and once your youth is over, you will regret it if you have not made the right choices and bloomed.

That was the first time I saw someone giving with a selfless spirit on her birthday instead of expecting to receive, and I don’t know how to say it except I was so blessed. We had a ball playing games and praying for Sharon after as well!

A couple years later, I had the privilege of celebrating Sharon’s birthday again. I gave her a glass rose and told her the party 7 years ago left a mark on me. This time, she asked Max to help design T-shirts for each of us which said "You Will See Greater Things", encouraging us to enter a new year with faith and expectation. 🙂

Anyway…today someone drew me this lovely picture telling me I’m like a blooming rose!

What a lovely, lovely thing to receive at the end of the week…