53617_441827723959_651878959_5041724_5379393_oI’ve been invited to do my Grade 1 Capoeira test! 🙂 2.5 months down the track Capoeira is still one of the things that makes me come alive in the week, and I’m just really grateful to the kind, inviting people there whose lives are simply synonymous with sharing (pic on left stolen from friend’s Facebook). How strange to say this but I’ve been touched, touched by kindness I don’t deserve, by people who genuinely want to help me in my development, and in this world I suppose kindness doesn’t run aplenty. I really want to do a good aú or cartwheel and some sort of headstand by the end of the year. It doesn’t seem so impossible anymore. I know I just have to keep working hard at it. And if I had the time, I would really put effort into learning my Portugese and the different Capoeira rhythms and songs…ahhh! What an art, what rich history, what a great culture.

2. Shorthand is kicking my ass. I have to get to 50 words per minute by exam time in June, and hopefully one day to 100 wpm. :S

3. The Wire is a good show, got the entire 5-season set on e-bay. Gives me a better understanding of how corruption works and takes away some of my naiveté, I think. Can’t wait till I get to the season which deals with journalism. Must-watch for clueless people like me.


4. Am proud of myself for finally getting some tedious research on postal voting done! I got in touch with a journo from The Star after reading his article, asked for some pointers, got in touch with the MyOverseasVote people, which led to more useful information, interviewed the Malaysian Students Council guy, and when I’m on breakfast news in 2 weeks time hopefully I will be able to put some respectable journalism out there! Yay! It feels good actually writing a story that will otherwise not see the light of day instead of just churning out copy. Actually I don’t quite know why I’m doing this. Partly to get a better grade, partly to feel good as a journo, partly because I don’t want to sit there complaining without contributing. It’s been a wild-goose chase but I’m glad I persisted and didn’t just let it die. Every time I want to let it go, I go back to Greg Mortenson’s Three Cups of Tea and read how he painstakingly sent out hundreds of funding request letters (a lot of them typewritten) before he even got a reply to build ONE school in Korphe, and I feel ashamed to give up. Everything’s put into a different perspective after reading about Greg and the crazy lengths he has gone to to fulfil his promise to a small little village in Pakistan. His gentle grit ignited a revolution. Greg’s shown me a simple formula for one man to change the world: crazy persistence. You’ve just got to do it…and keep trying…at least I don’t know any other way.

Anyway reprising a call to ALL Malaysians:

7.94 million Malaysians voted in the 12th General Election. 4.08 mil voted the government into power on behalf of a 27 mil population. That’s only 15.1%! If you haven’t registered, do it by tomorrow. Don’t let 15.1% decide your fate.