Manicured, huh?

Andy looked at us and laughed the other day, saying that’s what we’d become in five year’s time.

And that if we did not build a habit of being accountable with someone, and being open enough for someone to speak (correction) into our lives, it just gets harder as we start to learn how to exert more control of our lives.

It scares me, to think that I need to be manicured, and I am going to be.

How come no one really taught me that I can’t just say things off the top of my head?

And I didn’t know how good people are at lying, especially at work. People lie to save their asses – very instinctive.

Funny, absurd even, how that shocks me, but it does.

They are much better liars than I am at picking out the lies anyway.

Increasingly, I also see why more mature people tend to keep their private lives private – as much as they can. They become more reserved.

It’s really interesting now that I see why some things you simply cannot teach. You just learn from experience.