Sorry for the long silence – I have been going through a challenging phase and things have been moving a bit too quickly for me to get a proper handle on. Time management and work life balance is a big one now that I have started working.

I graduated, got an internship, quit an internship, got a job, and have been caught up exploring visa options, wrestling with returning home (I regret that I don’t have the time to address the issue on this blog)…and just a whole lot of other things happening in my life! I have never, ever been on a steeper learning curve.

I should perhaps only start talking about my job here when I get a better understanding of it – my perceptions change from day to day as the information I garner increases. The more I learn and experience life, the more I see how the same words can take on a hundred different meanings. I suddenly see the challenge in communicating with added perspective.

Meanwhile, my parents have been sending me lovely emails! Three months ago I would have thought nothing of publishing them, but now I can immediately find 10 reasons why it might not be wise to write so personally on a blog, and even publishing the letter below I have all sorts of hesitations. But sometimes risks have to be taken, and in hope that it would communicate the heart of the matter, this is what my mum said:

I think most people feel inadequate in their first job. I still do feel inadequate in my teaching whether it is Eng , drama or children’s church. I just do my best. Sometimes the idea and flow come when I am teaching. A little like taking the step of  faith. The other day in church, 4 kids responded in praying the sinners prayer and I was still blur. Aunty Teh who was watching me teach came to tell me to record down as she saw that they were serious and sincere and they have never prayed the sinners prayer. We have kids who r very poor in Eng. and inattentive. I struggle and almost lost my voice. God gave me the idea of using my magic bag and coloured ribbons( black – sin , red- blood, White- forgiveness of sins) to share. I did not prepare to challenge  anyone to receive Christ but becos the kids seemed to be paying attention , I just asked and they stood and they prayed aloud. Glory to God! I am not a super spiritual person but I am just faithfully teaching and treading this very very difficult ground- a bunch of very disobedient and academically poor kids. The idea of using tricks came becos I have taken the trouble to learn and read up and then I manage to put them together by the grace of God. So I think the most important thing is whether u r able to pick up new skills and learn.

I have just enrolled myself for a course on using performing arts to teach Eng. I will be going with aunty Teh next month. Very costly but the speakers from US seem to be very good. World master story teller and the creater of jazz chants are some of the speakers.