Found a draft I wrote some months ago:

Last night I pressed on with my shorthand till 3am. It was the only day in my entire holidays I kept to do my uni work.

And yet, sometimes when inspiration comes on a cold rainy night, you have to capture the moment and do the precious things. The important things.

So I went and wrote letters to both my grandparents so I could post them off today with a mother’s day gift for my grandma.

These are not letters of guilt, or atonement for not spending enough time. There is no sense of obligation at all. These are gifts of fierce unreserved love I am sending out because I want to…love I am learning to pour out as richly as I receive.

I am starting to see with new eyes how precious my grandparents are. God’s heart is always for those we tend to overlook or forget. Occasionally, I get a sense that God is furious and very sad because we who claim to be His followers are so self-centred, and we live in complete indifference of the pain that exists around us in so many broken lives.

Eric Ludy is right. Indifference is the problem. We don’t persevere when faced with mountainous challenges because we are indifferent. We don’t do anything that really fixes any problems because we are indifferent. Indifference gives us a very small strength. Indifference is ineffectiveness – and there is no way around this fundamental human problem even if you come up with the most clever of marketing strategies to get people to care or donate. World problems are too overwhelmingly HUGE.

I need to overcome indifference. I don’t care whether you think you are indifferent, all I know is I really want God to change MY indifference.