I went to hear Dennis Hood speak today (as part of my job).

He told a powerful story that I will recount here as best as I can remember:

When I was 26, I used to read Wheels magazine (Australia’s oldest, biggest-selling motoring monthly mag).

When they began to include advertisements that were sexual in nature, I thought to myself: well, this is not in line with my beliefs, I’m not going to buy it anymore.

I was going to let it rest, but I decided I wasn’t gonna go quietly. I decided to send an email to the editor.

Back then, I was just a normal bloke, very happy to be an ordinary member of the community. I was quite sure they received thousands of emails every day, and no one would pay any attention to my email.

Surprisingly, I got a call from the editor not long after. He said he had received my email, he was “incredibly sorry about the ads”, and it “would never happen again”.

I said to him: “Can I have that in writing please?”

He put that in an email to me – an email I have kept to this day.

The ads disappeared thereafter.I don’t have time to read Wheels anymore, but I have continued subscribing. I flip through every now and then just to make sure they are still holding true to their word.

I have not seen the ads in there ever since.

As an MP, Mr Hood claims he personally reads every email he receives. He says phone calls make an even greater impact.

If you think your emails/letters/phone calls don’t make a difference, don’t be discouraged.