I wrote mum an email last month (I wrote all the key people in my life all sorts of questioning emails HAHA), asking her whether God is truly relevant to her life.

If I am to follow this God, well, I want to know that it has been relevant to the people that taught me to believe in the first place. So here is her unedited reply that I still tear up when I read:

I have been thinking about it. Yesterday while I was cooking in the kitchen. Some thoughts ran thru my mind. I shared with JN during lunch(pa in Penang).
God is relevant in every aspect of our lives , not only in our work. One of the ten commandments says that we are to honour our parents and our days may be long. When I cook, I always think about what kong kong (grandpa) can eat – there must be something soft, nutritious, less oily etc etc. Suddenly it dawn on me that when I do that in honour of them, I am eating a healthier diet and the whole family are blessed with health. JN says it makes sense and I hope she will be inspired to read her bible and live out the principles found in it.

So I am confident that if u apply the principles of God In your working life, u will be blessed.

Don’t be too stressed. Do only what u can do and leave the rest to God. If we can do everything, the grace of God will not be relevant anymore.

You are very precious to us!!


PS: I just realised that u put my email in your blog. Oh dear look at my grammar!!!

My mom is probably going to nag at me about exposing her grammatical errors again :D, so I should probably add that I have full confidence in my mum’s ability as an English teacher – she is constantly finding new ways to improve herself and breaking new ground in creative teaching!

Thank you mummy/’momo’! I have awesome parents!