I have been mulling over a few things lately.

One of them, sadly, is this: truth is sometimes divisive.

Yes, we can sit on the fence, be diplomatic, keep silent, avoid taking strong stands, but only for a time.

And yes, in many instances, there is the element of balance, and considering both sides of the story, and recognising each of their merits. You can even argue that some of these ‘truths’ don’t affect your life, that they’re not worth dividing people over.

But eventually, there are consequences. What you believe affects your thoughts and actions and ripples throughout your entire life.

And there comes a time when you have to pick a side.

If you don’t, someone else will pick it for you, but don’t think you’ve dodged the responsibility – you’ve merely handed it over.

So consider carefully and pick your side.

Recognise and consider the forces influencing your decision. Wrestle with the consequences and implications of your decision.

And then, with all courage and humility, pick your side.