I’ve worked three months now, and it seems like life has become an elaborate juggling act demanding all my wit and concentration. Balls threaten to fall off every now and then: the needle on the scales seem to be moving rightward everytime I step on them, quiet spaces slip out of my grasp, I forget people…it’s all a bit amusing.

Additional categories have been added to my thinking: the presentation of complex information is a big one…and each month more bits and pieces get added as I wear different hats!

I’ve noticed that as I get acquainted with InDesign and Photoshop and do more layout work, a force in me arises that wants to search out the fastest cheapest easiest ways to achieve the most attractive looks. It’s a frustrating drive because my skills fall short of actualising what’s in my mind’s eye, and it detracts from my reading or enjoyment of the medium I’m consuming.

The distraction of endless visa application procedures also frustrates. The latest hiccup is keeping me in Australia over summer and I’ve had to cancel my flights home. Disappointing, because going home often does wonders – to me, to neglected relationships, and in rekindling dreams.

The main chunk of work (which admittedly, I dread), is cutting through the rhetorical confusion of all the complex issues we deal with, and deciding for myself what’s true, what’s false, what I agree with, what I’m not sure about. The panic rises up every now and then when I read a page and find myself uncomprehending.

Some Thursdays, I find myself in parliament house, keeping an eye on bills. I have had to study Australia’s political system, another field fraught with complexities that my simple mind doesn’t quite take to. It’s a good stretching, however, and I appreciate it.

The work I find most enjoyable is the privilege of meeting different people…people who amaze and inspire me and who have really interesting stories to tell.

The best breakfast in the world :)

And of course, I love the surprises I get on rare days! My office manager got his favourite cereal for me. 🙂