A wonderful surprise on a lonely Christmas:

Hello! It’s Christmas Eve & I have the luxury of being alone & write 🙂

I have just talked to a friend & she is unhappy that her children r not home for Christmas as they r involved in a Christmas programme in KL.

As for me, I had a very simple dinner with pa. Nothing christmasy. No Christmas tree. No turkey. No presents but definitely God’s presence when pa said after we say grace "At 50, our prayers can be very powerful". I have a  great sense of peace & I m very grateful for what my children r doing at Christmas- Jas in Australia working for familyvoice. Eugene on a mission trip & has just arrived in kl. Jn is on St John duty (9am to 9pm) today. Christmas is abt giving & I m glad that all of u can give something of yourself to a worthy cause this Christmas. I’m proud of u. However I do hope we can be together some Christmas.

I went to buy ingredients & containers to make my  yummy longan jelly. Guess what. Traffic was heavy but I manage to drive straight into a car park & hop down to buy my ingredients. Then I went to buy containers & the man asked" why do u need so many?" so I told him I wanted to make something for the orphans. He then said "I also want to give, u don’t have to pay." Here is a nonbeliever who truly understand the meaning of Christmas. I pray he will find God – the greatest giver one day.

For the past few days. I had a relaxing & enjoyable holiday. I missed u Jas on my birthday. TQ for the morning birthday wake up call. U managed to get thru finally. B4 I went to sleep Eugene messaged me & said that his gift for me is to continue learning & live a life that will make me proud. What a wonderful gift.

A few days back, pa said that both of us should have persevered & have more children. He thinks that 3 is too few. 5 will be ideal. Well we can say that now becos we have crossed the bridge & we r 50! What a wonderful age!

TQ to all 3 of u for enriching our lives & Merry Christmas!

Lots of love

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