Last year I had the privilege of getting a facial from my friend Vivian of JNV Beauty. What a treat!

I’ve been wanting to give Vivs a little plug for ages but haven’t been able to, so here is the long-overdue post…DSCN1062

Vivian doesn’t sing many praises of herself or of her services- which have expanded from bridal makeup to floral arrangements to beauty treatments over the years. She has a great partnership with her photographer/architect husband, Joe Chong of JNV Photography, too (JNV= Joe and Vivian).

I really enjoyed my time at Vivian’s home-based service centre. It’s tastefully set-up, comfy and cosy – and you can see testaments of Vivian’s hospitality: a fridge and a coffee machine.

As we all know the personality of the service provider makes a crucial difference in the service industry. Vivian has a special way with people – she is gentle, sweet, sincere…A few months ago she threw a colourful high tea party with dainty cupcakes and spray carnations! You can just tell she loves all-things-beautiful.

Vivs gave me a dermabrasion and a most relaxing face and head massage. She also extracted some of my blackheads – I’ve to say it was the most painless experience I’ve had out of all the facials I’ve been to.

If you ever need a pamper and are looking for a personal and homely facial treatment, I highly recommend Vivs!

(She was voted 3rd best bridal makeup artist in Adelaide last year, and is wonderful at that too!)