The somewhat finite nature of resources and the uneven distribution of them disturbs me a lot – it has for a long time now.

In high school, I read and cut out reports of famine and poverty in the papers…it froze me into an uncomfortable helplessness.

Even with a salary, I hate spending unnecessarily. I still collect 10c recyclable bottles from public places…and refuse to throw leftovers away.
My single-bed comforter (left by home owner) is ill-fitted with a double-bed cover (given by aunt). Till today I have refused to buy a more respectable one.
At the office, I annoy my colleagues by replacing paper in the printing tray with used ones – often disrupting the printing of official documents.
Anxiety rises in my bones when I see people who consume heavily…and I get even more uncomfortable when I realise sometimes using recycled goods or upcycled goods doesn’t do much for planet earth.

Has someone scared me into thinking we are on the brink of…hmm of what exactly? Economic meltdown? Resource depletion crisis? Am I deluded?

I don’t know. My colleague said to me his grandfather used to carve his matchsticks in half in hard times, so that he could light two flames with a single match. He then went on to say that in today’s world of abundance such a practice is no longer justifiable as good stewardship.

Hmm. Undecided.