We Love because God First Loved us.

What a beautiful wedding theme. What a glorious wedding on ‘ (Pre-wedding video here. Photos here.) It is a source of heartache that I couldn’t be there. My bro’s speech (which he was very stressed about and pestered me to edit!):

Hi. I’m Eugene, one of Max’s disciples, and today I would like to share a little about this newly-wed couple. I met Max 6 years ago. He had gold hair, baby face and looked a bit like a punk. Though he looks different from this handsome man we see here today, one thing that has not changed since then is his heart. Max has always had a big heart for people. He loves people, cares for them and goes all out to help them. He is passionate for the young generation and wants to bring change to it. By meeting Faith, he found someone with the same passion.

My sister Jasmine who is currently in Australia and is unable to be here because of visa issues, has asked if I could read out a few words on her behalf. Jasmine says:

Faith was discipling me when she got together with Max. As a result, I got to share in the excitement of their blossoming love. Faith said Max told her he liked her because she was naughty!
Our life group members celebrated them by calling them Maximum Faith – which is certainly the flavour of their LOUD lives. I’d also add maximum passion and maximum creativity. The one thing I remember so clearly about Max which really captures his life: he hauled a big box on stage during one SNL when he preached, and he stepped in and then out of the box and challenged everyone to STEP OUT of their comfort zone! Max and Faith, thank you for sowing into my life during a critical and pivotal season. It was an honour to serve God under your leadership, and alongside both of you for that one and a half years. And I am just so grateful and delighted that now my brother gets to share in the blessing as well!

Max and Faith have inspired me, my sister, and many others, both individually and as a couple.
Seeing their relationship grow, and knowing some of the challenges they face, I can tell you it was not a fairytale, but it was a showcase of how strong love can be. And now this marriage is the reward of their love for each other. I can tell that, Max and Faith will have many blessed years together. They love, because God first loved them. It is indeed an honor for me to be asked to be part of this special day, a day that marks the start of a new chapter in their life. Max and Faith, I pray that you both will cherish each other’s strengths, accept each other’s weaknesses, and walk this journey together happily. God bless.