My new 80-year old friend Chuck Colson lies in hospital as I write this morning.

I receive that news with a heavy heart, but overriding that is a sense of huge appreciation of his life and his input into mine.

No I have not met him or conversed with him. But I have come to know the man through his Two Minute warnings and his book How Now Shall We Live.

I consider myself an astute person, or if you like, sensitive, in seeing past the appearances/strengths/weaknesses, and perhaps personality, to look at the heart.

It is clear to me that Chuck loves the Lord with his life. To be fair I have no way of judging Chuck’s character because I do not know him, but this I know: Chuck understands what it means to be a Christian.

Chuck fleshes that out: and shows us how the effects of a faith ripple into our thoughts and activities. Faith, or a lack thereof (or I suppose from a different perspective, the faith of atheism), can never be shoved into a private realm. It can never – because it defies the Design of a human heart and life.

Our thoughts and actions reveal our faith/belief system/worldview, whatever we claim to be – Christian, Muslim, atheist, agnostic.

It is not so much that we are good because we are (insert faith type), but our LIVES reveal how much of a (insert faith type) we are.

Can you see? Talking about his faith is not a hobby or intellectual exercise for Chuck. It is everything. It is everything that matters in life.

I told a friend sheepishly yesterday, that I wish Chuck was my grandfather. I then had to reluctantly agree to switch off my romanticised thinking.

It will be a loss to see Chuck go when he does. But I hope there will be another, and another, and another after him who will carry the baton of the good work he does. I am sure there will be.

I congratulate BreakPoint on their 20th anniversary, and to the people who are already pressing forward and expanding the work, thank you, for encouraging me with a glorious hope of living.








In my mind, Chuck, you always look like that.:P