…in your favour!!

I loved the movie so much I watched it twice. I brought more people to watch it last night. My 12 year old friend Ally is reading the books and I hope I find time to read them one day.

Some people have said they were sickened, repulsed, or that the movie was so sad and sick.

I strongly differ. I thought it was brimming with hope. My immediate thought actually was that this Suzanne Collins author must know something deep about Christian truths. And indeed others have asked and attempted to answer the question – I haven’t read this link.

I mean, we are already that sick society. We are. That District 12 lady who is so concerned about manners, her mahogany table, and eating dessert? Well! I find her very funny. There is apparently a deeper side to her in the book, but she is a reflection of no one else but us. If you don’t like it I’ll say it differently: poor Effie is a reflection of me. Oh yes.

Until we face that fact I don’t think there’s hope for us as a society. You see, all those fashionable sophisticated people from the Capitol, their biggest failing is that they fail to see who they are, what they have become. I don’t really have a problem with their portrayed lack of human quality. I just find the self-absorption typical and funny.

I think the story is hopeful because amidst all that, pockets of heroism and human concern stand out. Look at Cinna. Rue. Haymitch. Thresh. And I especially like the scene when Katniss bumps into Foxface at the beginning and they both gasp, not sure whether they should hurt each other.

It is very hard for Good to die.

My friend said he felt sorry for Gale (I am now very interested in the story now that I’ve googled their romantic love developments spanning 3 books).

I don’t feel sorry.

What is betrayal to a love that is true and strong? Nothing. (I’m assuming we consider Katniss’s feigned love to Peeta a betrayal – although I don’t quite.)

Love bears all things, hopes all things, endures all things. You feel sad, disappointed, the pain of loss…but that’s all.  The overwhelming power of love is very enabling…

And now to President Snow. He said the only thing greater than fear is hope. But of course! Hope is very triumphant. You can, like the sly old fox, try to contain a fictional hope to control your slaves, but oh, no one can contain a hope grounded in Truth because it is so sure. The darkness should tremble at truly Hopeful people.

All right, now don’t tell anyone this, but embarrassingly I like the movie because I like to secretly see myself as the girl on fire Katniss Everdeen. I might name a daughter after her.

I like this review of the book:

“…readers will instinctively understand what Katniss knows in her soul, that war mixes all the slogans and justifications, the deceptions and plans, the causes and ideals into an unsavoury stew whose taste brings madness. That there is still a human spirit that yearns for good is the book’s primrose of hope.”


Off to work…Happy Hunger Games.

On a sombre note, I hope it is Ok that I happen to write this on Anzac Day. Allow me to pay a small tribute to the fallen, but really to Courage and Sacrifice.