I am not sad all the time, don’t worry. I am far from depressed.

I am not miserable. I am just a very feeling person – when I can feel – and I can be sad and happy at the same time. Can’t you?


Anyway, I gave mummy this for Mother’s Day – a badge she’s only allowed to wear one out of 365 days. Every other day, the children, husband, parents etc…come first. Heh.

That’s my mummy for you: thoughtful, caring, always serving others first.

She sent a group whatsapp message to her children (I was very impressed with the upgrade of her social media skills):

“Tq for your mother’s day thoughts and wishes. Though we don’t celebrate occasions in a big way, we do remember them in simple practical ways. I think cakes & flowers are very commercialised. (I did bake JN her favourite cheesecake for her birthday today).

I am grateful for the joy of motherhood.

I liked the message in church: “God has made us good mothers. All mothers went thru 9 months of pregnancy & labour pain to bring forth a child. God has given us the ability to do so. We don’t have to try to be a good mother.”

Likewise you don’t have to be someone God has not made u to be. His grace will be sufficient for you! In growing, sometimes there will be pain. The most difficult thing for me is to see my children in pain. I wish I can bear the pain for you but I have to let go & let God. I love all of you dearly. TQ for giving me the privilege of enjoying the pain & the joy of motherhood.”

And suddenly, I don’t know whether it is Mother’s Day, or Children’s Day…hahaha!

There is no perfect mother, but good mothers are all around. I think it is quite clear my mum is a great one – and one who grows in graciousness year after year…what a joy to receive a message from a mum who knows the value of what she’s done with her life!