oh kay…i am back to my melancholic ways (:.

i can be inclined to find life very…

very fragile.


a vapour

gone before the full stop is dotted.

also wearisome and difficult. i can feel like that sitting in my chair, sometimes. a sense of just wanting to burst into tears and be held tightly and…i don’t know. just such a child. looking for respite.

i am frightened (but also courageous. i hate that i almost have to state this obvious disclaimer to stave off unwelcome responses).

unsure what to do.

frightened and unsure are the two words i would describe myself with, really. lots of searching questions.

i wish there were more people I trust. certainly not anybody and everybody.

i am watching with hawks’ eyes every day, scanning the sea of faces. unfortunately or otherwise people fail my trust test quite often.

i like rereading my writings and old emails. in half of them I find myself presumptuous and foolishly exuberant in an innocent, unaware sort of way. in some I find myself trying too hard. i cringe but try not to press delete.

there are some things I’ve written, however…I reread and think gosh. that’s really me. I haven’t changed at all, in essence. I am still the same jasmine.

i kinda like that person and I never want to forget being that person. something sweet and almost kind.

who will remind me?