I have been frazzled I tell you.

secret intensity of everyday life 2

I’ve been creeping, slowly, through William Nicholson’s Secret Intensity of Everyday Life.

Haven’t gotten far, but seems promising. Skimming the synopsis, think I probably wont’ end up too impressed with the story, but the writing is somewhat nice.

It’s been a quite awhile since I’ve read melancholic, self-indulgent novels like that. Just…I don’t know. It used to make me even more melancholic without giving me hope, but when I have Hope remaining in my leaky heart I love those stories.

Reading writings like that I feel like…aah, I’ve found time to feel…amidst a somewhat insane kind of hyperdrive living.

So frazzled sometimes I feel like I can feel the ends of my nerve endings which feel.

(OK now that’s just me trying to string together a smart-sounding silly sentence with lots of the same words.)

And this bulk of muscle at Muay Thai yesterday stepped on my foot, my nerve ends have gone crazy there.

Fair trade fortnight just ended. I got a nice coffee from the Little Seeds guy. I usually hate spending four precious dollars on a coffee but I buy the opportunity to connect, talk. That’s why I like David and Donna at the cafe below my office. People at shops should talk more, with heart.

Anyway (un?)fair trade coffee in all its systemic complexities which I haven’t studied is still a very nice idea.

Off to work. Have a good weekend (: