A current student at my high school, possibly my younger sister’s friend, facebooked me a month ago, asking if I would care to write a few words for the school magazine.

I was pleasantly surprised.

I did a lot of good at school, I think. Most people who didn’t know me very well probably remember me as a prolific student…also meek and mild. Well, most of the time.

But looking back, there were also things, or rather attitudes, I wish I had learnt not to have earlier.

Those who knew me would know. *grins*

They’re not terrible regrets, but I remember being scornful. Scornful is the word. Critical, quietly (and at times publicly!) seething with rebellion (but every young person is rebellious, so…), a silent mocker, and yes, scornful of authority figures and the system in my own awkward way.

I did not love my school. I probably loved in bits and pieces, but no, I have to hang my head in shame. Sort of.

The questioning, complaining, and mocking. Some rather public defiance, which I remember quarter-fondly, quarter-laughingly, and half with remorse. Writings I was advised to take down, non-cooperation at press conferences…hmm, the memories. (:

Healthy reflexes, I suppose, nothing tooo serious, but…unhelpful.

I’ve got young friends, and it seems to me that a portion take after that sort of pessimism and defiant hopelessness. It characterises a collective mood of…I don’t know what’s the word.

I am seven years out of school, more mature (ohmygawdfingerscrossed hopefully), and I suppose a bit out of touch already, and I wondered what I could possibly say that would be worth saying and listening to.

And what the average Mandarin-speaking student who reads an average of 10 books pages (?) a year could relate to and understand.  So I wrote this…

Sometimes you may get bored with school. We as humans get bored with life. That’s OK, but don’t settle for a boring life. You can make your life interesting and meaningful.

Try new things, learn all the time, learn from everyone. Making mistakes is part of learning – I have made my own share – but make sure you take responsibility and learn from them.

Love your school. Love our school. If we learn how to do that, together we make the school great.

Well, I hope I learn to love my communities more, where I am and wherever I go next.