I saw a little girl, about 5 years old, on the bus on my way to work today.

Sitting next to (what appeared to be) her mum and sister, she was engaged in an intense staring game with a stranger.

On her face was this cheeky look of mock wonder-delight-horror-surprise, and I just cannot describe the nuances of her eyebrow lifts and smirks.

I was absolutely captivated I wouldn’t be surprised if my face mirrored her wonder.

I wish I could’ve seen the face of the stranger who sat facing her.

Sometimes…children capture a lost innocence or childhood that I desire.

p/s: I spent a significant portion of my bus journey (which otherwise would’ve been spent reading) to ascertain whether the man staring at her was actually a stranger, or her dad/relative. They got off the bus before I did – and indeed, to the best of my observations and bewilderment, he was a stranger.