Been reading 32891_medium?1333768635Glenn Packiam’s book on rumours. He says:

Rumours grow in the absence of revelation. Every time we keep God at arm’s length, declining an active, living knowledge of Him, we become vulnerable to rumours. Lulled by false comfort and half-truths about God, we – in Keith Green’s famous words – fall asleep in the light.

Glenn debunks a few rumours…

#1 God will give me what I want

#2 God can be added to my list of loyalties

#3 God is pleased with my goodness

#4 God prefers specialists

In re-examining my life in the past few months, I’ve discovered that when the rubber hits the road, our actions and decisions reveal what we truly believe. Sometimes, the results come as a bit of a surprise.

I’ve discovered, for one, a hidden rumour I buy into (a hodgepodge of the four rumours above): the supremacy of self-reliance.

I am rediscovering the great need and importance of being in a community in our pursuit of Christ. I am learning that…well, actually I don’t quite know how to belong to a community and celebrate leaning on each other. Funny how I never realise, I have tendencies to withdraw from relationships at the first signs of difficulty.  I am learning a healthier way of relating, and to give up cynical, self-reliant, defensive ways.

The thing is people (I) never see clearly in a haze of hurt. You always think the problem is with others (difficult people, the system, whatever), not yourself. The complaining, the perfectly logical rationalisations and justifications, the buts and ifs…and how right it all appears. But in a healthy community, you give opportunity to others to also tell you the truth about yourself. I am learning the importance of practising the disciplines of fellowship and honesty. Moving out of isolation and denial helps us change and increases our capacity to receive and give!

I am reminded that encouragement, correction and character building all take place in community (read: church) – something that passive reading of the greatest books cannot replace.

I am humbled at the revelation and grateful for the reminder…that it is in these imperfect communities that we challenge each other, grow and bear fruit.

If you’re struggling with confusion, apathy, or staleness in your Christian walk, this book may just help uncover some faulty beliefs you have. It challenges, encourages, convicts.

P/s: Glenn is Malaysian, surprise surprise! He tells a bit of his story here.

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