A month ago, on 10 July, I went to hear Jill Stanek speak on her encounter with abortions at the hospital she worked at.

A few days later, truth hit me. Like a gale force wind. I started to get it, you know. This whole value of life thing…it hit me in a way so real that I simply broke down weeping.

I tried writing about it several times, but each time I felt I failed to capture what it is that really shook me. But I shall try again tonight.

It wasn’t Jill’s oratory skills that moved me. And it wasn’t the babies (sorry).

It was that the concept called "sanctity of life" came alive for me. I was shaken and overcome by the truth that life is really truly precious. My life is inherently precious. So is yours. Even if the world mocks your value, your life is incredibly valuable in God’s eyes. God values our lives. Everything else stems from that.

In my young life, I somehow taught myself the idea that useful, intelligent, talented people are more valuable than others. I learnt that "useless" people, on the other hand, are doomed. They are less important less valuable and less loved. I am sorry, but that is the general idea that drove me. I had never considered its implications or consequences.

Functioning in this framework has caused me much sadness, insecurity and fear, and undoing these foundations has been an uphill battle. To discover then, that some people care for even the most helpless, testifies to the existence of a more powerful idea that is…upside-down. It helped me see that a person’s worth is quite separate altogether from ability. It is in life itself.

For a while, I had been wondering what God meant when He said we were "fearfully and wonderfully made" in Psalm 139. Was it a verse people plucked out of a thick book to make others feel better about their poor selves? Reading stories and talking to people who expand energy and invest money into saving lives – at great personal cost – also challenged me. Why! Why on earth would anyone do that! What compelled them?

Story after story after story…their witness spoke to me about God’s heart…for the weak and defenceless…for me. It spoke to me that I was made to love and be loved. That I matter, not because of my ability or talent, but simply because I am. The amazing truth resonated deep within and broke me.

I am grateful for the gift of life, that I have been nurtured and allowed to grow and flourish. I hope I will grasp its value more and more.