I haven’t been writing much of late. Partly because I have been reconsidering some of the gnawing heart-questions I indulge in. I haven’t been as indulgent. My perspective on all of that is tilting…

“As the Cross demonstrates, God takes us seriously. He takes our sin seriously. But he continues to show relative indifference to our questions. He does not answer them to our intellectual satisfaction; he refuses to submit himself to our interrogations.

That’s because the really important question in the Bible is not any question we ask of God but the question he asks of us. And though it is appropriate to ponder any number of questions–for this is part of what it means to love God with all our minds–our questions must always take a backseat.

They take a backseat to the prayer for faith and mercy, not to mention the illumination of the Holy Spirit.

And they take a backseat to the only question that really matters: “Who do you say I am?” (Matthew 16:15).

The answer to that question is revealed on the cross. And until we embrace this answer, none of our questions even make sense, none of the questions raised in Love Wins can be properly addressed, and none of the answers the Bible supplies will satisfy. Until we comprehend who God is, all our questions are like chasing after the wind.”

from Mark Galli’s book God Wins, written in response to a book by Rob Bell called Love Wins, which has some extra-ordinary(ly bad) Christian ideas.