I love the folks downstairs!

Here’s David with his loud shirt, celebrating Loud Shirt Day.

Don’t you love the little shirt buntings made by Donna?

Yep, they’re the same folks who give out little teddies with their coffees.

Next month, they’ll be participating in Movember, like I watched them do last year. David told me this morning he’s been trying to get some customers to do grow a moustache for the cause next month, “but they’re ignoring me”. Haha.

Whether you think the individual causes are worthy of support – I really enjoy the community spirit Bostons fosters. And I also enjoy the fun, creative ways Australia does charity.

Edit: Upon reflection I think it is important for me to note that I do have strong reservations about how beyondblue and the Movember foundation are directing $3 mil  to “reduce LGBT discrimination”. The info is on the beyondblue website and sounds like a great cause. But when you look into the details, it turns out to be a push to normalise homosexuality – which I have strong reasons to believe is very unhealthy for society. I like the idea of Movember, but why is Movember giving money somewhere else? So all in all, I am not sure I can support Movember.