I was really gladdened and encouraged to read this today. Especially loved the photos.

I suppose it’s the knowing the lives within the stories that really bring the happiness. Seeing Tee Chee Wei in the photographs and remembering what a clown he is and gosh, now he is acting – in an English production! Haha. I love seeing them raise the standard and improve year after year. Always wanting to excel and do better.

Someone commented, “Wow, a lot has improved since Phua Choo Kat and previous productions.”

Hearing the many struggles behind it all…reading “thoughts from the producer”…I felt like…oh yes that is the Ee Ee I remember! Oh yes, I have forgotten how Malaysians speak English..this is it. Oh…how nice to be reminded. 

Just kinda brought me back!

It is so wonderful that three years after leaving them I can still offer a teensy weensy bit of support. Help with some writing and editing. I really appreciated that I could somehow still be a part of a whole.

Reading the musical script and working on it brought back fond memories.

allieNot so much memories of experiences (or events or things), but memories of who they are. What their hearts beat for. My aunt – her passions, joys, frustrations, fragility…

Seeing the posts on Facebook – Kareem asking around for props he still lacks and seeing all these people respond, Chrystin asking for prayer and mentioning the roadblocks the production has hit… the big-and-small things they go through…

I have not been able to help much at all, and really only catch glimpses on Facebook now and then and am quite far removed from the going-ons in that community…but I was really warmed, really glad that I could contribute to it in some little way…

How wonderful is it? That someone can message you from many miles away and say “I really feel like I am in need of a friend to lighten my load”.

And how wonderful is it that you can help? I just think, after many years, that is such a privilege.

And just as I also happen to be learning how to be a better friend, I just thoroughly enjoyed reading the three central stories in the scripts. Each captured a different dynamic of why we sometimes fail as a friend…

Thoughts from the producer:

I have always loved telling stories. Stories are about relationships, and A-LL13 is a story on friendship.

No matter how young or old one may be, friendship is a subject we never tire of discussing. It is at the heart of our existence. Though we all make friends at different levels, what we really seek is true friendships. Sometimes, however, these friendships are hard to find…

We have somehow lost the art of making real friends in a hectic world.

Young people are mostly too pressured to fit in that they can’t see who their real friends are. Some adults are busy pursuing a better standard of living – their investment in things of the world leaves them drained, with no time to invest in true friendships. Others are used to customize life preferences that they shrink from real relationships that require work.

So, we turn to technology to make us a perfect friend. Design it just the way we wanted it to be. Minimal hassle with maximum gratification. A robot.

I know… most of us don’t own a robot. But think about the amount of time we spent with our machine friends. Perhaps if we were to spend those times with people instead, we would not miss out on true friendships. And one true friendship people constantly miss out on is – God.  

We hope the story of A-LL13 will not only remind us to make friends, but to make time to be the real friend we were meant to be.

It is still not too late to catch the musical. Details here.

(Forgive me! I am prone to overly romantic reminiscing and idealising whenever I think of Eaglepoint! It always makes my heart glad to hear what they are doing.)