People are making so many movies these days, aren’t they.

And songs.

I have trouble keeping up.

In the middle of watching a trailer today, I became aware of a…

Well, when you strip it all down, it’s what I really enjoy about life. Here’s what makes me happy. This is what awakens the longings.

I think people who think they are mighty important, doing mighty important business saving the world, are deluded in a rather distasteful way.

I wish I had a friend who could teach me how to plant vegetables. Who loves plants, and loves the earth, and could teach me.

My mum did – but I never wanted to learn. And now I just cannot learn on my own, you know. It’s too hard, too much of a stretch and an upheaval of habits. I need help.

Sometimes I see my friends who are cooking, enjoying food, and savouring life – and it truly, truly makes me happy. (You can always tell between those who know how to enjoy it just because, and those who think they enjoy it and tell themselves they enjoy it…well, all sorts of pretentious nonsense.)

The girl, who makes all these crafty things – just for herself sometimes, and sometimes I get sent little cards from a faraway land – sometimes it can make me happily sad, sadly happy. Good on ya Steph. You are enjoying and creating beauty. Year after year I receive them and it is quite remarkable, really, given that we haven’t talked in how many years now.

There is a lot of good in this world.

Some of this happiness, albeit interwoven with other feelings – no one can really steal from you once you’ve learnt it.

I enjoy watching and experiencing others enjoy their lives.

Isn’t it amazing.