Found this amongst the files, written some months ago…

There are days I truly crumble under the weight of sadness.

The tears, they take every ounce of strength. Crying feels like labour of the heart.

Overcome and overwhelmed by the fracturedness and fallenness and fallowness of this world.

Everybody tries hard – but nobody gets it right.

I think we can all pause and appreciate that more.

It is a frailty and a fragility that makes you hold it dear. You can see, that everyone is trying hard.

I’m not sure what the it is, but it makes you hold it dear. This quality of life.

I can already see what some of you are thinking. You’re thinking I am conflating, confusing things.

Or the accusation thrown around almost glibly that I detest the most: she’s being overly emotional.

I suppose you are half right.

But things are interconnected. The woven tapestry of life. More interconnected than they appear to be.

The best moments in this world are when you hold another’s heart.