Snippets from our Yow family whatsapp:

Papa: I am staying (at a hotel). Eugene you are welcome to visit. It is nothing like The Club Sunway Lagoon. So, do not come with high expectation.

Eugene: Nice or not one. If not nice I sleep at home. Unless you need my advice – then I’ll come counsel you.

Jasmine: Ur crazy

Papa: Hotel room so-so. So what advice you want to give me? No wifi. This may discourage you to come unless you have good advice to deliver to me.

Mama: Food should be deciding factor.

Jasmine: You guys are clowns.

Eugene: Nvm I don play game dy. Wifi not a factor. Depends tired or not la. Long day. I can give good parenting tips.

Jasmine: You are sounding funnier and funnier la Eugene you have no idea how to be a parent!!

Eugene: Love your son more than your daughter.

Papa: Sounds like my great, great grandparent from China! Same mindset.