More snippets from our Yow family whatsapp (in broken English, if you don’t mind):

Jasmine: Eugene, please note that my birthday wishes for ah pa arrived. How about yours

(He had raised earlier this year that we should "affirm each other by remembering birthdays" – although I must say I can’t remember a time in the last 5 years where he’s actually remembered my birthday)

J-Anne: Why yours so early?

Jasmine: Because I have no idea how long it takes for card to arrive. Better early than late.

Eugene: Lol, can I be exempted, I so pity la

Jasmine: Pity what I thought you are on pathway to become millionaire. Donate some to me. $$$

Eugene: On the way, give me some time

Mummy: What’s so pitiful about you son? Got nice room to stay, got car, got part time job! I only got my car after working for 10 yrs+

Jasmine: That’s right, I am the pitiful one, LOL just kidding

Eugene: Actually it’s unfair to compare this way. Things are always relative. Give an African orphan a burger, it will be the same as giving me a car. We gain the same level of happiness.

Jasmine: Eugene that is the most selfish and ignorant comment I’ve heard. Ever.

Eugene: It’s a fact la, don’t deny it. So next time don’t give your kids good life too early.

My source of comedy 🙂