I had quite an unusual weekend.

Peter and Diane Stevens invited me over to Melbourne for a couple of days, to help them start a group of young people who want to see righteousness, peace and joy restored to Victoria and the nation.

It has been pretty unusual for me to spend time in the company of people who live their lives in fullness of faith – especially in the aspect of God’s providence of finance. When I left I wrote them a card. I told them I found them and their thinking quite radical and disturbing.

Before I visited, they asked me what I wanted to do, and I had two requests. One, to visit The Babes Project, and two, to meet with Bill Muehlenberg.

130404 Babes Project 2Visiting Helen Parker and The Babes Project (see Helen’s story here) was challenging for me. I’d written about them in the past and Peter had been involved with them previously, but I really wanted to see it for myself. How did this place – teeming with life and attracting all sorts of community support – how did it start and grow? What were the ingredients?

A volunteer greeted us at the door. She shared her story about how she got pregnant in Year 11 and was booked in to have an abortion. The night before her scheduled appointment, she somehow decided to tell her mum about it. Thank God for the grace and encouragement from her mum – she kept her baby. Four years later and volunteering at The Babes Project she is influencing the lives of many young girls. What a story.

As we had lunch at their pregnancy crisis centre, two mums came in. These mums had been supported throughout their pregnancies by The Babes. One shared about how terrified she was being a single mum – but The Babes acted as a safe place for her, and most importantly, a place to celebrate her life and her children’s lives.

Fundraising Dinner Donation Cards - The Babes Project

I could see it, in the way these ladies were relating to each other, in the atmosphere. This was a place where they were important, they were loved, they were celebrated, and were not “people who had made horrible mistakes”. Their children were loved and celebrated. The other mum came in and needed help looking for a new rental property, and Helen was offering her advice straight away.

It was challenging for me to experience it, and to try and grasp how small beginnings flourish into bigger things when the right faith steps are taken. It helped me recognise the real power of a positive faith-filled attitude.

Would you like to support them? Check out this link to see the kind of help they need to grow their vision!

I also had a fun time with Bill – who had been on my heart for awhile. He told me to put up a picture with him, with caption “greatest man on earth”, so here it is. 🙂


I’ve been thinking lately about how different people are made, with different strengths and weaknesses.

People who are aware of that and comfortable with themselves tend to achieve more with their lives. They tend not to be crippled by doubts or fears or criticism. They tend to be more confident in recognising their calling, and while they are comfortable grieving over their sorrows, they tend to be happier, healthier people.