The purpose of life

When I was twelve years old, my family moved away from the small country town where I had grown up. I loved living there and hated having to move, but in the midst of my inner turmoil I began to have a hunger to discover what life was really about. I can remember going out to look at the stars one night, hearing in my head the words of my schoolteacher who had told us that they went on forever. There was no big brick wall on the edge of space. “Even if there was,” he said, “What do you think would be behind it?” That threw my young mind into complete panic, because I was thinking that even if there were something at the end of all existence, what would be behind that? It has to go on forever!

I remember asking my parents what was the purpose of life? What is it all about? Who are we really and what are we doing here? What does it all mean? How come I’m alive? How come I can think and be conscious? As a young boy I was very torn with these questions. One man said to me, “Don’t worry about it. When you get older it won’t concern you so much.” That was the most useless answer I had ever heard. It completely failed to satisfy me. I thought to myself, “This man has obviously asked those questions himself when he was young and now he is an old man and he still hasn’t found the answers.” The whole thing stirred a great turmoil within me. It is no easier to articulate the questions now than it was back then.

When I was at school I was taught that evolution is the answer to these questions.

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