In Alor Setar, I go to church on Fridays while our Muslim friends worship at the mosque. Getting to hear a sermon in Mandarin is wonderful, rich. My heart absorbs it like a sponge.

在亚罗士打, 教会是星期五穆斯林朋友也去敬拜的时候上的。听牧师用中文讲道,就是比听英文讲师丰富了那么一点点。中华文化, 源远流长。

Pastor Ng Eng Keong spoke about Faith today. Hebrews 11:1-7.
What is faith that pleases God? It is believing the God of the Bible. Unseen and Real. Experienced by peoples from the time of Genesis to Revelation.

为甚么今天的人都爱带面具? 因为我们知道内心不正。
Why do people wear masks today? Because we have to hide, we fear the filth of our hearts exposed.

What are religions? You can sum it up in one word: DO. 我们要付出代价。
What is Christianity? Done. It is inseparable from faith and relationship. 基督教和信仰和关系深深联系在一起。

Many religions claim belief in god. President Obama says all gods are the same despite having different names. But this is not the God of the Bible. 这不是圣经里讲的神。

起初,神创造天地! 圣经不是证明神的工具。圣经是神宣告他是创造者。
In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth (Gen 1:1)! The Bible is not a tool to prove God. It is God declaring He is Creator, ex-nihilo.

See how Abel approached God (Heb 11:4, Gen 4). His sacrifice was more excellent (Chinese: beautiful) than Cain’s – by faith. It was a matter of the heart. Abel knew he could not depend on what he had done to approach God. He had to kill a lamb, a pointer to Christ.
因为信心,Abel的奉献比Cain 更美。他杀羊羔, 指向基督。他知道,要亲近神,需要流血。

I could not think of a more pleasurable way to spend a Friday morning.

这世界在走向灭亡。听吧, 审判的福音。