A same-sex attracted friend I actually really like said to me, “I am simply offended that this book even exists”.

Here’s an extract:

Many of you reading this book may know someone who has said he or she is “bisexual”. I hope not, but unfortunately, it’s happening more and more. It’s become a trendy and chic thing to do, even among middle, high school and college students.

Do you think this is a question of biology? A “bisexual” is (supposedly) capable of having feelings for either a male or a female. Wait – this sounds like a choice, doesn’t it?

How can some people be “born” bisexual? Or is it possible that some kids, those who are rebellious or troubled in other ways, are experimenting with this behavior? Maybe homosexuality and sexuality of all kinds is being constantly promoted to the extent that some are trying out this risky, intimate behavior that doesn’t include any risk of pregnancy. Some may also be influenced by porn.

So – multiply this across the world, remove all the people who want to sound warnings or at least, debate the issue (like me) – and you’ll see how this trend could expand in numbers. We could have millions of people with at least some kind of homosexual experience. And that’s going to make for millions more people with complicated health histories and lives (further explained in Chapter 4 of the book).

Within a decade or two, it might be as much as 20% of the people you know who have had some kind of homosexual experience. It will mean more HIV, AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, promiscuity, fragmented relationships and the related unhealthy outcomes that seem to accompany homosexuality.

If you are an open-minded, tolerant person – is there any reason you would not consider the ideas presented by Linda Harvey?