I was encouraged by the message of this hopeful #DearFutureMom video today, and the warm response it has received.

Well done Saatchi and Saatch & CoorDown for affirming the inherent dignity every human being has – individuals wonderfully created by God.

I’ve been inspired by parents who have welcomed life in spite of hardship. They affirmed life.

See here (I wrote this!), here and here for Down Syndrome related stories. Another incredible story by my friend Andrew Smith about rare conjoined twins here.

But then, there is Philip Nitschke’s Death Clinic already operating in South Australia. A Perth doctor recently expressed alarm about Nitschke’s “cavalier approach to what I could describe as nothing else other than promoting suicide“.

I am angry. SA “Kingmaker” Dr Bob Such’s push for legal euthanasia is revealing the moral cowardice of some individuals.

Mr Marshall yesterday said Dr Such was welcome to introduce euthanasia legislation into the parliament. “Voluntary euthanasia is a conscience issue in the state Liberal Party and, in fact, there are a number of Liberal MPs who are supportive of this issue,” he said.

It CANNOT be that we welcome World Down Syndrome Day AND euthanasia as compassionate in the same breath. 

Just a few weeks ago Belgium legalised child euthanasia. Philippe Mahoux, leader of the Socialist group in the Senate and sponsor of the Belgium bill, described it as “THE ULTIMATE GESTURE OF HUMANITY“.

“The scandal is that children will die from disease,” he says. “The scandal is not to try and avoid the pain of the children in that situation.” – by killing them!

Oh? Why encourage mums to keep their babies with Down Syndrome then? These families are going to have pain and grief and anger in life because of the child’s challenges. The same mercy killing philosophy would imply that it is a SCANDAL to welcome these Down Syndrome babies. In fact, perhaps it is not so scandalous anymore given that only 5.3% of pregnancies with downs are continued.

Language is always used to disguise evil. For example:

“Suffering trumps all other considerations,” a euthanasia supporter says. “And the way these people die is very ceremonial, and often has some emotional beauty.”


“The truly compassionate person seeks to heal and restore, and bring hope and justice to the situation. The falsely compassionate euthanasiast just wants to end it all, and move on. True compassion and euthanasia do not mix.” Doctor John Ling

3% of all deaths in the Netherlands are now by euthanasia. Mobile death units are in operation.

I do not want the state of South Australia to head in this direction. We need to make up our minds on what compassion is.