Look at this watermelon from my farmer friends!

 I used to walk past the Greek Orthodox church in Norwood every Sunday last year, and the Papadopoulos father and son would always have a cauliflower or a bag of tomatoes to give me after asking, “How are you, love?”

I bought some okra from them today and popped into the church out of intrigue (piqued by a growing number of friends who are Orthodox).

Truly, there is a richness in the liturgy.

How beautiful is this, for the fourth Sunday of Lent?


The Apolytikion of the Feast

Tone Eight

Your abundant tears made the wilderness bloom and
your deep sighs of the heart, made your labors a hundredfold.
O John, our holy father, you have become a light to the world
by the glory of your miracles. Pray to Christ, our God
for the salvation of our souls.

The hymn of the church and the Kondakion

I also enjoyed the Voice of Orthodoxy magazine (latest edition not online), which had a reflection by Dr Philip Kariatlis on the Trinity (read it here). He says:

The great mystery of God as Trinity can only be approached after an encounter with the person of Jesus for the simple reason that this is precisely how God chose to reveal himself to the world.

His reflection on the mystery of the Trinity is worth reading in its entirety here.

And what a nourishing encouragement for the fourth Sunday of Lent from Hebrews 6:13-20, on the hope we have in Christ, an anchor for the soul, sure and steadfast:

What is hope? Hope is an awesome power, it is a gift from God placed into the hearts of every person. Therefore we all live with hope, and without it we could not even take a single step. When a person extinguishes all hope they commit suicide, if a person loses hope they do not have the slightest thing to support themselves with.

Worldly hopes are built on shifting sands. But the rock on which to base our hopes: the foundation of Christ, we can build our house of eternal happiness.

The hope that the Christian can steady himself on, is like a boat can be secured on its anchor so that it is not smashed on the rocks.