Have you been to the mini Willy Wonka factory in Adelaide? It is one of the most enduring confectionary businesses here.

Reading the Blackeby lollymaking history touched a chord within me yesterday. I resonated with young Bill’s story, his enterprising innovative spirit and embrace of new technology while retaining the magic of old.

Both Bill and Paul became young confectionary apprentices to their fathers in their teenage years. It made me think of my family history, my dad.


I had first visited Blackeby’s on James Place when my father came to Adelaide some years ago. When I look at the photo now, I almost see my grandfather peddling away on his bicycle selling textiles and eight scrawny children crowded around salted fish at a small dining table. I imagine the sweat and tears. William Blackeby was a persevering pioneer. So was my grandfather, I think. The family knew the meaning of struggle.

Blackebys’ vision is to be the number one manufacturer and wholesaler of traditional confectionery. Their values: honour God in all we do.

By the Grace of God, three generations of the Blackeby family had maintained and grown the business through two World Wars, a major Market redevelopment and survived two fires in the Central Market, to remain as the only confectioner to still trade there.

The business is now run by Graeme and Lauren Smith who founded Manna Confectionery. They say:

 Then Jesus declared, I am the bread of life. He who comes to me will never go hungry, and he who believes in me will never go thirsty. I am the living bread that came down from heaven. If anyone eats of this bread, he will live forever. John 6:35, 51

你是否到过阿德莱德的小威利旺卡工厂,布莱克比糖果店(Blackebys Sweets)?





我第一次访问James Place布莱克比糖果店,是在几年前我爸爸探访阿德莱德的时候。当我现在回顾那时候的照片,我脑海中浮现了爷爷骑着自行车兜售布匹,还有八个骨瘦如柴的孩子挤在一张小餐桌上吃咸鱼的情形。

我想,他们要经受了多少的汗与泪!威廉·布莱克比(William Blackeby)是一个不屈不挠的开拓者,我的爷爷也是如此。他们深深体会到奋斗的滋味。



现在,这家店由甘露糖果(Manna Confectionery)创始人的格瑞姆(Graeme)和劳伦·史密斯(Lauren Smith)经营。他们说:

耶稣说,我就是生命的粮。到我这里来的,必定不饿。信我的,永远不渴。我是从天上降下来生命的粮。人若吃这粮,就必永远活着。我所要赐的粮,就是我的肉,为世人之生命所赐的。(约翰福音 6:35,51)