Can you believe it’s already November? It’s now two months since I’ve left FamilyVoice.

Life has been completely different since then. The rhythm and focus of my life is now different, my pursuits are different, my community is different. I’ve had many new experiences as well as joyful surprises of rediscovering the familiar.

I was pleasantly surprised when various people wrote to me from Australia last week. Some friends said they had finally gotten our book, Courage in a Hostile World, and couldn’t put it down…others informed me of new developments…someone sent this picture saying “thought of you”!


Thinking of the book brought back remembrances of stories told to me as I worked on the project.

About life journeys and encounters with the living God. I thought of Jim from Tasmania and the dramatic turns in his life, Peter from Victoria and his strong sense of vision, David from WA about how God directed his paths…

What a privilege to share in their interesting lives. They were all unique.

The overwhelming memory I have is that I was valued at FamilyVoice. People saw me and affirmed me and really valued me. They saw right relationing at the heart of human existence – and they believed and lived it.

A relationship with the relational and triune God and the understanding that humans are made in His image undergirded their worldview. That understanding I gained transformed me. I thought it was such a sound basis for living and it unleashed a powerful motivation within my heart.

I was really valued at FamilyVoice. As a unique individual created in God’s image.


Life there was not without many challenges & difficulties – and at times, I do wonder if I’m being too generous or saccharine here. I mean, how could a place, or a group of people, be so special? It raises suspicions of a skewed perspective.

But late last night, I realised with a jolt: it was so special Jasmine, and you were so valued, because you brought sincere appreciation with you. That is the value you bring by being and sharing you. You appreciated, affirmed and valued people. You delighted in them and they delighted in you.

It’s a beautiful thing to pause on. One that stirs up a worshipful response. Awe and wonder at the goodness of God’s creation: me. Flawed and fallen, as is our groaning world. Yet reflecting redemptive Narnian hints of eternity.