I have been privileged to have been part of the #BeMyProtector campaign as a copywriter! It is heartwarming to see the community come together to learn about human trafficking in Malaysia — the video gives a good snapshot.

Part of my contribution:

Tenaganita Hotline quiz

The interactive quiz aims to get Malaysians to remember and save the Tenaganita Hotline. Tenaganita helps rescue trafficked victims and assists in safe repatriation of survivors.

Human Trafficking

Malaysian horror

I hope I have helped bring these realities a bit closer to those of us who have been more fortunate. I also take my hats off to the vast number of people who have given their creative talent, time, money and effort to do this…

More info at www.bemyprotector.comCan you save, shoot and share as well?

p/s: Below is my favourite photo of the campaign. The Change Your World people inspired me when I was a teen. One never knows what will grow from the seeds we sow in young lives…