Tell me: when do you ever get a Chinese man offering you a fortune cookie? The stuff of novels and movies.

“Pick one and see what it says,” he said.
Fortune Cookie幸运饼干上说的是:“有耕耘必有收获。”

这是 King William St 按摩店的新老板。

我们聊了起来,我就告诉他,“我以前在这里干过活的呢,就是脚底按摩技术没学完。” 于是,他让我点评了员工们的按摩技术水平!




These days I frequently answer questions about what WeChat is, and I usually say it is like Facebook+Twitter+WhatsApp all in one.

Today I had to do the exact opposite and explain Facebook to a Chinese businessman! I said it was the WeChat of Australia. I then suggested that Facebook was a great tool to offer targeted promotions to tired workers in the Adelaide CBD.

Crossing the cultural (and age) barrier can be slightly jarring! At least the fortune cookie suggests that one will reap the rewards of their hard work.