The last couple of months have been a lot of hard work!

As I look back, I am grateful for how things have come together — to the various individuals who have provided opportunities and worked with me, and to friends who have been kind and supportive.

After I returned to Malaysia last year, I felt that serving my nation was something deeply precious and meaningful to me, and it’s something I want to dedicate a portion of my life to. I initially planned to go home to teach at the end of 2015, but as I looked at career paths, finances and the lack of support, I did not see how it could happen. Sadly it looks like I have to postpone that commitment by a number of years. 😥

After becoming accredited as a NAATI Chinese-English translator in July, I completed a Cert IV in Small Business Management via the NEIS program.

I have also been actively attending events in the Australia-China space and meeting Australian companies who need assistance in engaging with the Chinese market. Here’s an article I wrote for The Lead on the first Greater China Future Leaders Dialogue in SA. I also had the pleasure of interviewing Andrew Holmes at The Hahndorf Inn where he shared his top tips on creating successful Chinese tourism ventures.

As luck would have it, I bumped into Patrick Baker of Baker Marketing Services at an Chinese e-commerce seminar, right after I had done some work for an agriculture company at an exhibition that morning, engaging with a Shandong procurement delegation.

“Hey, you’re the ones who are hiring!” I said to Patrick, remembering the ad I saw in a freelance group on Facebook. I grabbed him and quickly told him how I could complement his current service offerings with my Chinese language skills and WeChat know-how.

Three meetings later, I am pleased to now be a part of the Baker Marketing team. I am currently there three days a week, which leaves me time to work on other projects and service other editing and translation clients.

Have you considered how your business can engage the Chinese community in Adelaide, Australia or in China? 

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need help!