The first book I ever borrowed out of my local library in Alor Setar at six years old was Enid Blyton’s The Three Golliwogs.

It started me down a path of discovering new worlds – and a love for reading that has fundamentally shaped who I am today.


Education changes lives. This song has bubbled into reprise after reprise in my heart over the years.

I’ve often looked back at my life and thought: I’ve been very, very fortunate to have received so many learning opportunities! So on my 22nd birthday, I fundraised for Room to Read to build a library for 300 kids in India. A huge chunk of the projects, causes and people I’ve supported in subsequent years have a common thread running through them: they all made learning possible and/or better for others.

I turn 27 on 7 February 2016. For several years my birthday has been a non-event. 😦

I want to celebrate this year! If you are thinking of blessing me with a birthday gift, the best thing you could give me is to help me impact the lives of Malaysian students:

Teach For Malaysia (TFM) is a program I had considered doing post-graduation. Following the ups and downs of friends who have taken 2 years out of their lives to teach in underprivileged schools, I’ve been inspired by their passion, dedication and creativity.

They’ve struggled with teenagers who still can’t write their ABCs. Who wouldn’t be able to read Enid Blyton fluently at 15 years old. They’ve laughed and cried and empowered young Malaysians to dream. Their work matters to me.

This year I will be financially supporting what TFM does for young Malaysian lives. I hope you will consider joining me in your own way -ESPECIALLY if you are a Malaysian abroad!