I spoke to a few pregnant friends recently, and it was hard to contain my excitement for them as their delivery dates drew near.

I think I felt more daunted than excited leading up to Harry’s birth, but as my baby boy nears his first birthday, I feel an all consuming sense of joy at his little life.

I love his chubby cheeks, his milky sweet breath, his cheeky smiles, his babbling sounds. The way he flaps his arms when he is excited or frustrated. The way he feeds me food, gives me a kiss (more like eating my nose), cuddles into me…It takes my breath away to watch him develop new skills.

I love seeing myself in him.

I remember the tough times too, but they tend to fade: the painful wrists, utter exhaustion, boredom, frustration…

I looked at what I wrote last year when I named him with a prayer (captured in his Chinese name): that his life may be marked with a depth of wisdom, a soaring spirit in the face of life’s challenges and an abundance of generosity.

What a beautiful prayer, and while I continue playing, laughing with him (and telling him off!), by nature of being my son I hope he will inherit those things from watching me and relating to me in everyday life.

I pray son that different people who cross your path will inspire, nurture, challenge and guide you to see you uncover your full potential.

Go light your world with your life.