Is it beautiful where you live? Have you walked in a suburb more beautiful than yours?

This year we have had to take our car to the service station several times for repairs. The station happens to be located in the beautiful leafy green suburb of Medindie — and we accidentally stumbled into a whole new world…

Walking through the streets, the fragrance of flowers wafts through the air. Beautiful houses with unique architecture (no, not our modern cookie cutter houses!) delight us at every turn and leave us with a sense of awe.

Wouldn’t it be inspiring to live here? My husband says. Yes, I agree, but I am also happy where I am. Our kids have a comfortable bed and a playground nearby. Do they really need anything more?

Am I strange? Do you think that contentment is stopping me from pursuing more materially? I do not have those dream house dream car desires within me.

However, if I dream for a minute, that I live in a large house with a pool…I’d love to have all the neighbours’ kids over to enjoy it…I’d be able to host family and guests more often. I would have more space options available to me – for business? To bless other people, and then 10x more?

Actually maybe my kids can have better play spaces. That might improve my wellbeing. And actually, if I’m not so scared of the house costing more money and needing more maintenance, or of myself not being able to manage such wealth…maybe I might even stretch my hand and pluck my dream house right off the apple tree.

Aspiring to more is going into uncharted territory, isn’t it? I don’t mean being jealous of what other people have and then wishing you have it too — I don’t see how that kind of race could be fulfilling. I mean reaching outside of what you considered normal, comfortably “within reach”, and imagining something…different. New possibilities.

That is the foreign space I find myself in when I consider what “more” looks like.

Babies grow exponentially. They try and learn one new thing after another. Can you fathom a tiny newborn walking? It’s a big transformation in a year.

What does growing look like for me now, I wonder? Where am I going to be next year that I can’t possibly fathom yet?