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Jasmine is an amazing researcher and translator, in shock at how quickly she works. She found the right academic connections in China and opened doors for fruitful partnerships and a speaking trip in China. She accelerated the development of the Chinese Padagogy Wheel.

Alan Carrington, Apple Distinguished Educator & Founder of the Padagogy Wheel

Jasmine produced exactly what I needed – a brochure for the China market – designed and translated from existing English material. She asked the right questions and delivered the project within a tight timeframe!

Dr Raewyn Teirney, Conceive Please

Impressed with your English-Chinese translation and copywriting ability and more importantly, the passion to get things right.

Ken Toh, Thinking Notes

Jasmine is a copywriter of high quality and high diligence. She is capable of writing excellent material even in highly specialised areas. Jasmine reported to me as a freelance writer on more than one occasion, and always returned fantastic work, even with tight timelines and short turnaround times. She is also extremely pleasant to work with. I have no hesitation recommending her.

Leticia Mooney, Brutal Pixie

Jasmine is very professional with a high level of expertise in writing and translation. I’m very impressed with her attention to detail, her desire to find the best solutions, and the maintenance of an effective communication channel. I will definitely recommend her.

Louise Chen, Chinese-English creative script translation

Jasmine did a great job doing public relations work for me (writing media releases and managing social media) and is highly recommended.

Shaun McTaggart, Pro Electric Bikes

Jasmine 帮我修改商业课程(英文)作文,谢谢她改得那么详细!Thank you Jasmine for being so detailed in editing my business course assignment.

YunChao, business student

Very impressed and satisfied with all the Chinese-English projects she completed. I couldn’t have done it better myself, which is why I will continue to do business with her!

Mac Autrey, Tweebaa e-commerce platform

Jasmine helped give us an effective social media presence, reaching an audience and age group that had previously not interacted with our brand. Using her journalistic skills, she has helped resource politicians and community leaders to promote family life. Jasmine has many skills that would be useful in any business and is able to work effectively as part of a team to produce outstanding results.

Peter Downie, FamilyVoice Australia 

Jasmine’s articles were really great – interesting, easy to read and useful to the reader. They were always delivered early and she was very responsive to what we wanted from them.

Max & Janice

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Jasmine. Her communications work for us has been excellent. She helped augment and expand our media and digital content, including pioneering FamilyVoice’s forays into social media – connecting well with audiences, despite the sometimes difficult and sensitive issues we deal with. She has consistently delivered top-drawer communication content for us. Her work levels are astounding. The speed and efficiency with which she can produce written pieces, without a sacrifice of quality, is a great asset – particularly when a rapid response is needed, for example in an urgent media release.

If you want to hire someone who is pleasant, gracious and humorous – as well as remarkably capable, productive and creative – do consider Jasmine! I am confident she would be an asset to any team.

Jim Collins, National Development & Tasmania Director, FamilyVoice Australia

I have enjoyed working with Jasmine over recent years. I have appreciated her open-minded approach to learning new concepts, and her willingness to work cooperatively on very challenging projects. Her creativity, diligence, hard work, and patience is to be commended.

David d’Lima, South Australia Director, FamilyVoice Australia

It has been a delight to work with Jasmine as she has directed our national communications efforts. With the difficult and complex issues we cover, Jasmine has excelled in conveying love and truth in a challenging media environment, for the good of family, faith and freedom. Her words of grace seasoned with salt – such lively spiritual wisdom! – set a great tone for our ministry. Jasmine responded to new issues quickly and thoroughly, producing quality work full of godly discernment.

Personally, I highly valued Jasmine’s views on what I wanted to communicate and how best to do it (and am thankful she encouraged me to use social media, after years of resisting it!). Jasmine is very approachable; clearly critiques without condemning; is sensitive to the serious; enjoys a laugh; and will be missed.

Ps David Lowe, Western Australia Director, FamilyVoice Australia

Jasmine is a professional wordsmith who demonstrates a passion for effective communication.  While I consider myself to be a reasonably competent writer, Jasmine challenged me to reach beyond mundane prose in order to better communicate the FamilyVoice message to a wide audience of readers.  Also, Jasmine has a keen sense of humour.

Graeme Mitchell, former NSW & ACT Director, FamilyVoice Australia

Jasmine has been an inspiration. She has quickly grasped our vision and applied herself to help us accomplish our national and state goals. In Victoria, as we develop our young adult ministry, Jasmine has been a mighty source of energy, wisdom, vitality, and compassion. With her enormous understanding of current communication and media she has been indispensable in mobilising supporters and raising awareness of our issues. Personally (and despite our great age difference), Jasmine has been a wonderful friend (she has stayed with us twice) and a great encourager. Though we have worked far apart physically, Jasmine feels like part of our family. Jasmine is a wonderful work colleague and a joy to know.

Ps Peter Stevens, Victoria Director, FamilyVoice Australia

Jasmine’s gift to our organisation was a graciousness that flowed onto the pages of her posts and articles: words scented with innocence, compassion and truth.

Geoffrey Bullock, Queensland Director, FamilyVoice Australia

Jasmine has a strong work ethic, often successfully running several projects at any one time. Her understanding of the social issues of our day, from a Christian perspective, is powerful and discerning. She has a keen eye for design, laying out our communications in a new and attractive way. Jasmine pioneered our social media communications and has personally gained rapport with dozens of people through these channels.

Nathan Keen, Policy Analyst, FamilyVoice Australia

Jasmine’s work was exemplary! She was well able to meet the high demands of the job and maintained a very pleasant attitude throughout her time with us.  Jasmine was especially tuned in and capable when it came to interacting with people through social media. She has a strong desire to interact and help people understand the issues.  Her writing style was refreshing and interesting and she had no difficulty in understanding and addressing the complexities of the tasks given her.
Highly respected and capable – a joy to have around the office – and greatly missed!

Rob Nobel, National Administrator, FamilyVoice Australia