Do you usually justify your text fully, or do you align it to the left? I bet you always justify fully whatever text you type for neatness sake. I, for one, cannot tahan if I forget to justify my blogposts. They look untidy.

Interestingly, I learnt in Issues of Publication and Design that Full Justification is hardly ever used in publications…

…because they create rivers of white space!

See, there’s one river flowing to the right of the left page. Bad design.

Anyway, I’ve a huge design assignment coming up, where we have to do genre changes from audio-visual to factsheet to magazine article to webpage for Earth Hour 2009. It is surprisingly not that simple to come up with a document which is informative, pleasing to the eye and attractive. It’s fun yet annoying at the same time because we’re supposed to relate everything we design to boring theories for the sake of being academic.

I also have a comparative analysis of print journalism in Malaysia and Australia due tomorrow for Reporting for Print, and an essay on the benefits and pitfalls of Web 2.0 for Media Literacies…due I dunno when. I will also have to start on my Global Societies essay soon, either on justice or freedom.

I think those major assignments wrap up the semester. Whee.

Note: Post aligned left. Messy don’t you think.